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Pure session dump by Zenzes Pure session dump by Zenzes
Yesyes. Gathered my things from my last oC sessions, I liking. I might or might not be sorry for drawing Caedes so often.

Long description because I like blabbering and let people know things that they never wanted to read in particular.
Left to right, top to bottom
1. Karasu. Um. Yeah. That's it. My babu matured, fuck yes! And I still have to play around with his eyes, don't know really what to keep.
2. André aka Cider being sleepy because he just got up. And without his sunglasses. Gasp.
3. Kiddie!Caedes. And here he begins. Grumpy little thing.
4. Kiseki with one of his little companions, Furcht <3 Sitting on a very fluffy beanbag thing obviously. Please, please don't look at his other, hanging hand. It fucking kills me *rolls*
5. This little kitty is Zara. Welp. I can draw cats?? ? ???? ?
6. Little girl is supposed to be a catbun. Cat and Bunny. Made her... yesterday? Two days ago? I don't know, but I really like her..
7. I felt like drawing something in Sonic style again. Gasp. So I whipped out a Keegan. This little fucker seems to have matured too abit, I AM SO PROUD.
8. Aaaand Veau. Yes, it IS the same face as Keegan's lol. I'm just lazy, okay... and Veau was actually drawn first. Cute ears drawn by ~Nefere <3
9. Teen!Heather! I actually like how she came out, still ;v; I'm not the best at drawing females, tbh I suck at it. But I'm still satisfied |D
10. Kiddie!Arjun (head), Kiddie!Fidelis & Kiddie!Caedes (again). Fide and Caed fighting as always because Caw-Caw just can't help it and Arjun worried as always too. Poor kid can't do anything 'bout it.
11. Chibi!Caedes (tired of him yet?). I also prolly should've added numbers on there. Ahem. His heartbreaking face, as someone says, is because of the next scene ->
12. Fidelis holding Caedes back. Caedes wants to touch those cute bunny ears. He damn well loves bunnies. But Fide won't let him because he already allows him to touch women to an extent but he sure as hell is not allowed to touch other man like that pfff. That bunny dude is the father of the catbun girl by the way.
13. Enjoying putting Barak in panda-clothes way too much. He's not amused though. Not even sorry.
14. Chibi!Banzai. Uhm. Ya. Yes. That's it.
15. Eryn! My newest woman! I really like her, that manly-ish thing. I'm not sure about her hair color, but ~Nefere ...drew the suggestion, to explain in the best way lol. She's also Fidelis' sister.
16. Little Dmitri wondering why the people around him were so... intimate. Atleast the ones on the original canvas were lol. Yaoicoughcough
17. Teen!Heather still loves her Daddy <3 Should've mentioned that Heath is also his adoptive daughter, so there.


THIS was also part of the last session (today/yesterday. Yes, through the night.) among other things on this deviation. Didn't add it because it's... well, abit bigger and contains fail-cock drawn by me rofl [link]
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Sessions are fun. :iconmegustaplz:
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all dat sessions ftw :iconpervypewdieplz:
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YOU SAY IT. :heart:
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