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Adoptable? by Zenzes Adoptable? by Zenzes
Umm, actually, I don't really know. He was an ooold OC of mine, I just wanted to re-draw him once and put him up for adoption anyway. (His name was/is Yamikura. If that matters.)
In his fluffy thing there also are some shadow-y demon things he commands around, he can open the blue thing |D (if you see those sucky buttons there.)

Suggest a price for him. But please no less than 15-20 points, he's precious. *shot* But I can't guarantee that you'll get him, you'll get my OK if you did.

I would prefer to give him to someone I already know. I don't charge points from the people on my friend list. Meaning they'd get them for free. *I'msuchanass*shot*

Note; When I drew him he looked too young, but I was too lazy to correct it... *cough* He's about 1.89cm and a very good body shape (six-pack, his arms are supposed to be muscular too... ...and a few scars here'n'there.)
Feel free to change anything if you'd get him, however.
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Nefere Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012   Digital Artist
Warum auch immer du sowas weggibst >3>
Aber ich hab schon so viele von deinen Adopts gekriegt orz Würddenansonstengernenehmen~
meh,warumauchimmermirgrad'neverwendungfürihneingefallenist... :icongwahplz:
Zenzes Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also Lust ihn zu behalten habe ich wirklich nicht. Außerdem war er die ganze Zeit über ja eig kein Chara mehr xD Nur einer den es vor'n paar Jahren(?) gab. Ich würde höchstens nur iwie die Strähnen oder das Fluff-ding wiederverwenden, für 'nen anderen Char. o_o
Also wirklich etwas dagegen, dass du ihn nehmen würdest, hätte ich nicht. Wenn denn auch 'ne gute Verwendung für den hast~ Eig so mit das Wichtigste, dass er nicht mehr gammelt, meiner Meinung nach.
Nefere Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012   Digital Artist
...Bwaaaah. klingt ja nett.
Hemh, wenn es keinen anderen gibt, der ihn haben will? >3>
Müssten wir nur noch 'ne Bezahlung ausmachen. (umsonst weilwegen Freunde ist nich)
seuris Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like him.

Me gusta mucho~ C':

I would adopt him, but I dont know, what I would do whit him, that's problem TwT My only problem is now, when I make new design for Valkyrien (ONCE again XD), so, I just checked this one out and stare him, how awesome character he is XD

Pssss, psss, I'm writing yaoi fanfictions again C': I'mma gonna send one soon, so, you wanna read it then? XD Yes, it's 18 age stuff TwT
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July 22, 2012
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